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Go Green Whilst You Stay In Tenerife’s Best Eco Resorts And Hotels


Going green is important to the world and to its future. Whether you’re at home or you’re in the workplace, it’s never been easier to go green. It’s even possible to go green when you’re on your holiday. One of the countries that is very popular as a tourist destination is Tenerife, which boasts amazing food with a slice of sunshine on the side. This little island also boasts some of the best eco resorts and eco hotels in the Canary Islands. Make a statement that you care about the environment and book a holiday away to Tenerife and stay in one of its eco resorts.

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How To Plan The Ultimate Vacation For Outdoor Adventure Lovers


Getting outdoors can restore the body, spirit, and soul by making you feel close to the energies of the natural world, from breathing fresh air to sleeping under the stars. Whether you are doing something as extreme as white water rafting in Colorado on a Colorado vacation, or as relaxing as hiking through Ozark Mountains it is important to plan correctly.

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5 Cocktails From Around The World

Image source: www.paqoo.com

Most people would agree that there is little better than relaxing with a refreshing cocktail in hand when you’re on holiday. Whether you are stretched out upon sun-drenched sands and in need of a quick cool down or you’re ready for a night out and need something to warm you up, there’s a drink with your name on it that is just waiting to be enjoyed.

Most countries are famous for at least one type of alcoholic beverage and it would be almost rude not to taste them when you’re visiting. If you’re not really up for doing straight shots of tequila, vodka or rum though, you needn’t worry – all of these can be mixed up into a tasty cocktail treat!

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Sunny Beach – Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Bulgaria

I would say that I would definitely go to Bulgaria and Sunny Beach again and I can only see it getting better and better, as more and more people start going and more bars, clubs and hotel get built. I would definitely recommend the place.

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Tunisia – Port El Kantaoui

Stunning views from the Marhaba (photos by Harmesh Valley)

Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba

I only wanted a holiday with the hottest of hot weathers, relaxing, with bars and clubs, all-inclusive, and with a gym and a quality beach. So here I am writing this post on the Balcony in a five star hotel “Imperial Marhaba” in the holiday resort of “Port El Kantaoui” in Tunisia.

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