Hollywood’s 5 Most Formidable Characters

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Movies exist so that we can experience and relate to a fantasy world. These films are home to some of the toughest and coolest characters out there. Whether male or female, the following characters are renowned for being strong and prone to destroying everything in their wake. Here are Hollywood’s top five most formidable film characters.

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James Bond (007) – James Bond Series

Though he definitely has a suave persona, James Bond has always been a tough character. However, we have to credit the newer James Bond for being more hardcore than the rest. While Sean Connery is regarded as the favorite, Daniel Craig added a new dimension to the character. He’s handsome, but not a pretty boy. Also, this guy is intense. Casino Royale begins with Bond getting into a brutal scuffle in a bathroom.

This intro scene let everyone know that we were seeing a much darker and tougher James Bond. For his long career of bashing heads and getting things done, Bond is definitely one of Hollywood’s toughest dudes.

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John McClane – Die Hard Series

What makes John McClane so great is his ability to trash talk in the most dire of situations. Not only will this guy beat you to a pulp, but he’ll joke around and make sarcastic quips while he’s doing it. John McClane is really the anti-James Bond. He’s not great looking. He has no specialized training, but he’s never afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s just a normal guy being put under extraordinary circumstances, and that’s why we love watching him.

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The Bride – Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2

The Kill Bill series is known for its over-the-top violence. Most of this violence is inflicted by the protagonist known as The Bride. This woman is out for blood, and boy, does she ever shed a lot of it! She has extensive martial arts training and knows her way around a katana better than anyone. In the climax of the first film, she gets into a scuffle with a group called the Crazy 88’s. There aren’t actually 88 of them, but there may as well have been. She demolished all of them. She didn’t even need a tactical carbine to do so, just her katana.

For her out-of-control ability to tear through any opposition, The Bride has definitely earned her rank as one of Hollywood’s toughest characters.

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Indiana Jones – The Indiana Jones Series

Indiana Jones is a professor by day, action hero by night. Indy spent most of his time fighting diverse groups of overwhelming enemies, including Indian cults, Nazis, and Russians. And as we learned in The Last Crusade, he started doing so at a very young age. He may not have carbine training like James Bond probably has, but he’s an expert at hand-to-hand combat. What puts Indy above a lot of the other classic tough guys is his intelligence. He’s great with a pistol, he’s great with his fists, he’s great with a whip, but he’s also great with his mind.

He’s just as likely to to outsmart you as he is to beat you to a pulp. His fighting style may not be as refined as Bond’s, but Indy always comes out on top. His total dedication to using whatever it takes, whether it be brains or brawn, to take out the trash is what makes Indiana one of the most-loved tough guys of all.

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Ellen Ripley – Alien series

Ellen Ripley is the quintessential tough character of Hollywood. Ripley started off as normal “space trucker.” Once a Xenomorph got aboard her ship, her crew started dying one by one. Did Ripley get scared and cower in a corner? No. She got a flamethrower, and went to town on that Xenomorph. In the sequel, Ripley became an all-out action hero. After discovering a nest that housed thousands on Xenomorphs, Ripley took charge of some marines and killed many of them with a pulse rifle. Ripley then got into a duel with the Queen while she was manning a Caterpillar P-5000.

While the role was originally intended to be male, we’re all glad that Sigourney Weaver was given the chance to show that some of the most formidable heroes imaginable are female.

There are many more awesome characters that were tough, but were unable to make this list. These five characters are the absolute toughest in all of Hollywood. Watch their movies if you want a crash course on how to be formidable and dangerous.

Author Bio: Samantha Stainsburry is a freelance blogger from Charlottesville, VA. She’s a major history buff, and loves living in Thomas Jefferson’s hometown. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and surfing her TV for new shows among other things.

Top Photo Credit: Poster design by Empire Design via www.impawards.com

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