Weight Train Your Way Perfectly Into Your Wedding Dress

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Of course all if not most women, wish to have their dream body for their wedding day. Months of dieting and exercise usually takes place in order to prepare for a brides big day. However often women will neglect a significant aspect in their training that will help make sure their dress fits every curve perfectly – weight training.

Many women shy away from the idea of weight training due to the irrational fear that they will “bulk up” and automatically become a female Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is of course not the case primarily due to the fact that women simply do not have enough testosterone within their bodies. Rather you can obtain that Victoria’s secret runway ready body – now doesn’t that sound nice? So keep reading girls, if you’d like to know how to fit into that backless, fitted, mermaid or strapless wedding dress and if you would like to hear the lifting myths debunked.

Cardio isn’t your only friend

So many women feel that a low carb diet in conjunction with countless hours of cardio a week will ultimately lead them to a lean model type figure for their wedding dress. Sure, while cardio and lowering your carbohydrate intake is great for burning fat – the truth is, if you intertwined this with weight training you would be burning much more of a fat percentage! Studies have shown that the more increased amount of muscle mass you have, the quicker your body is able to metabolize and burn calories. Drop a couple of dress sizes much quicker when coming up to your big day.

You will not become the next body building champion

As stated previously – you simply do not have enough testosterone in your body to easily attain a body builders figure. Nature has blessed women with a higher fat percentage and estrogen hormone. You can train the same amount as your hubby and I guarantee you, you will not have those pecks or biceps. Girls, a little definition in your arms and your lean stomach will look beautiful in that strapless dress.

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Eat clean and look mean

Diet and exercise of course goes hand in hand, however in order to really gain some ripped biceps and abs you will need to absolutely support your diet with protein supplements, of course if you just want to fit into your dress – this is not necessary. Many women feel that a few lifting sessions a week will create intense muscle definition however this is only able to be done through an extremely strict and tailored diet. Attempt to eat a balanced diet, with plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates and lots of vegetables (and of course a few treats) and you won’t have to worry about becoming a body builder. Remember abs are made in the gym and shown in the kitchen – or perhaps shown through that tight wedding gown.

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So remember girls, incorporating a few weights into your exercise regime before your big day will not “bulk you up” as so many women are afraid of – a few weight lifting sessions can tone you up and make sure that your wedding dress fits like a glove.

*Please consult with your trainer and doctor before starting any program or exercise.

Author Bio: Mark Taylor is a freelance writer with a wide variety of expertise in a number of areas, such as technical and creative writing. With a keen interest in wedding industry, Mark is a regular blogger for Sydney Invitations.

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