How To Plan The Ultimate Vacation For Outdoor Adventure Lovers

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Getting outdoors can restore the body, spirit, and soul by making you feel close to the energies of the natural world, from breathing fresh air to sleeping under the stars. Whether you are doing something as extreme as white water rafting in Colorado on a Colorado vacation, or as relaxing as hiking through Ozark Mountains it is important to plan correctly.

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Planning for an outdoors vacation isn’t any harder than planning for an indoors one. You have to think about things like tents and sleeping bags, bug spray, topo maps, and compasses, but these are simply the details you need to keep track of instead of reservation numbers and locks for your suitcase. Since there is no travel agent to plan your outdoor vacation for you, you have to take charge.

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Figure out the laws for tenting and camping

Most cities and towns have one area where you can legally camp during certain hours of day, and forest services have free camping throughout the U.S. at designated forest service campgrounds. White water rafting companies often use these campgrounds as free places to put in the rafts.

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Be sure you have the right gear

If you plan to sleep outside, you’ll need a lightweight backpacking tent and a good sleeping bag. While these can be an investment, they are worth it and will replace the money you would’ve spent on hotels. If you don’t wish to go it alone in the wilderness, near where the white water rafting place is planning to launch the boats from, KOA offers little cute cabins that have simple cots and are affordable. Renting a car and staying in one of these makes sense if you want to have bathroom facilities and showers.

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Pack your gear carefully

Packing simple things that every outdoor enthusiast should have will help you to be prepared for whatever adventure might await you. Remember to pack safety things like iodine tablets for water safety in case you get lost and a compass, map for the area, and whatever hiking/map guide you might be taking along. Be sure to have some energy bars or MREs and a pair of silk underwear along with dry clothes, good for colder conditions in case the weather abruptly turns.

With a few simple measures, planning for your outdoor vacation can prepare you for a memorable and meaningful trip. No matter what you choose, the trip will be an experience worth remembering.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that often writes about small business. She enjoys reading home blogs and occasionally writes for them. She is a mother of one and enjoys traveling in her free time.

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