5 Unusual Birthday Present Ideas

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Image source: The London Helicopter

Buying a gift for someone that you don’t know is hard, but you’re somewhat off the hook even if they don’t think it’s the best prezzie they’ve ever got. You don’t really know them well enough, do you? But then comes the challenge of family and friends. You’ve known them for more years than you can count; they really do deserve the best, but you’ve exhausted surprise parties and your great gift repertoire to the point where this year has got you scratching your head.

Don’t be tempted by the security of socks, the meagre mug or comfortable compilation album… these 5 unusual present ideas will be guaranteed to keep you in the best birthday books!

1. The Everything Chair

Our first gift is definitely a great gift for him. The Everything Chair is an inflatable armchair that is armed to the teeth with your every entertainment need. Not only can it fold away for storage, but when it’s up it provides pockets and pouches for your phone, wallet, keys, mags and newspapers. It even has 2 speakers in the headrest for a great surround sound experience. Not only can you plug the 3.5mm aux cable into your mp3 player, but you can also connect it to a games console or any other home entertainment system! And of course, no Everything Chair would be complete without the most important aspect of all: each arm has an inbuilt beer holder.

2. Sky lanterns

A Sky lantern is an unusual and unique present.

Sky lanterns are an incredible gift and claim the second spot on our list. Not only are you buying a great present, but you’re actually buying a great experience too. You can arrange to light them on a clear night and send them off together, or even with a big group! Sky lanterns, or Chinese lanterns as they are sometimes called, are simple constructions of paper and a burner, and work a little bit like hot air balloons. Light the burner in the middle and watch the heat make the lantern soar into the air, and a warm orange glow decorate the dark night sky.

3. Smart gloves

Sometimes, little practical gifts can be the best! Have you ever given a gift and heard someone say: ‘oh wow, what a great idea!’? No? Well now’s the time to get a pair of smart gloves for your friend or family member that you know has a touch screen phone or tablet.

In the winter months you’ll see the regular dance of people taking gloves on and off to change a song, or answer a call. Smart gloves have solved the problem with a simple idea. Touch compatible material pads are built into the fingertips of smart gloves, meaning that you can use your device as normal without ever having to take them off. Stay warm this winter without sacrificing the ability to twiddle with your much-loved gadget.

4. London Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride is a special experience

While the sky lantern experience is a sight to remember, a London helicopter ride means you and your family or friends can be the ones soaring through the air. Book your places as soon as you can, and enjoy an amazing aerial trip over the English capital’s most iconic sights.

This will be a once in a lifetime present for someone special, and full of amazing memories. See all of London’s most famous landmarks over the River Thames from your spectacular seat. Buckingham Palace, the London eye, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, the Shard, Westminster Abbey and many, many more. A London helicopter ride really is an unforgettable gift.

5. An Electric Cigarette

Some gifts serve as hints, and aren’t always appreciated by the recipient. However, if you know someone who is trying to quit smoking, then this is the perfect present to help them change their lives. What better gift than to free someone from an addiction and improve their health and well being?

Electronic cigarettes can be charged from the mains, and even plugged into USBs. They give all the sensations that the smoker is used to, without any of the harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to their health. They can even taste the same, and give off a smoke-like vapour that is completely harmless to the user and those around them.

Every gift has the potential to be an incredible thing. While our 5 unusual present ideas are all very different, they each show great thought and care for the lucky birthday guy or girl. From luxuries and practical presents, to the great memorable moments that will be treasured forever, each gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Don’t settle for a typical gift for your loved one, do something different, be unique, and get them something extravagant this year.

Image credits: katerha and Alan Wyatt 1.

Author Bio: Chris Morley works with The London Helicopter as a writer and photographer. He has a passion for writing about helicopter flights and promoting the safety of them to make people feel at ease.

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