LOL..And We Thought “Friday” Was The Worst Song Ever!

Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving
Written and Produced by Patrice Wilson

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Leicestershire Toddler Becomes YouTube Hit

She “really” can do it!  Three-year old Sofya Dickson stuns her parents with her skills.

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We Love The New BT Ad……And The Olympics! :)

Video courtesy of BT Infinity 2

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The Olympic Flame arrived in Leicester

The London 2012 Olympic flame arrived in Leicester on Monday July 2nd. It was carried through the city centre, then along Belgrave Gate (video shown above) and Abbey Park Road on to a special celebration event, which was held at Abbey Park.

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Oracle Paul (The Octopus) Gets It Right Again!

Via YouTube

We want that Octopus!!

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Happy Father’s Day! In Pictures…

In pictures…from around the web:

Happy Father's Day

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Do You Know How Much You Drink?

Alcoholic Drinks
Courtesy of The Guardian

How much is too much?
Do you know what your recommended limit is?
Do you now how many units are in your drink?
Do you know what a unit is?

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Robin Hood Comes To Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood at Sherwood Forest
Photos by Harmesh Valley

If you had a choice to watch Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood anywhere in the world, why not in the home of Robin Hood himself – Sherwood Forest? It was only a few days ago I was there watching the showing in the middle of the woods courtesy of Heart FM.

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General Election May 6th. Please Vote!

Gordon Brown, Davind Cameron, Nick Clegg
Courtesy of Guardian

May 6th will be a big day for the UK, The polling stations will open for another General Election to see who out of the current party Labour, opinion poll favourite’s Conservatives or the outside’s Lib Dems can be the next party to take us through the next 5 years. I am no expert in politics and I only know what I read in newspapers and watch on TV, we are in for tough time in the future no matter who we decided to vote for and whoever comes to be the Prime Minister.

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Catching A Taxi Can Be Very Taxing

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Catching a taxi can be dreading, especially when you’re stuck in traffic and the meter is ticking away. Being a taxi driver myself in Leicester, there are dangers of getting ripped off and for taxi drivers there is a danger of getting no payments. But if you know your prices, you can’t go wrong. Here are some tips and advice in catching taxis.

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