Guest Post: Best And Worst Red Carpet Looks Of The Year So Far

Angelina Jolie

The Primetime Emmy awards are set to be held on Sunday, September 23.  For many entertainment journalists, the primary focus for them will be the winners and losers.  Will “Mad Men” surrender its four year reign on the Best Drama Series category?

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Guest Post: Safety Tips Under The Sun

Out on the  Beach
Image courtesy of The Guardian

Summer is here again and with it comes sun, sun, and, you guessed it, more sun. With all the sunshine that summer presents we get plenty of opportunities to get to work on that tan, but the problem rests in the fact that there really is no such thing as a “safe” way to tan.

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Celebs Attend Manish Malhotra Show

LAKME FASHION WEEK is one of the biggest fashion shows of India which brings the best fashion designers together to showcase their latest collection and Bollywood celebrities always spare time to attend the fashion shows to reflect respect and admiration to their favourite designers.

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Karishma vs Kareena

Karishma and Kareena Kapoor
All images from Bollywood Hungama

KARISHMA KAPOOR and KAREENA KAPOOR are absolutely gorgeous beauties with fine talent and great fashion sense.  Both of the Bollywood actresses have always attracted attention towards their stunning appearance and both of them have been my favourites!

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Sensational Sari

Kareena in a Sari
Images courtesy of Filmicafe

SARI is an Indian traditional outfit which is absolutely sensational as you can wear a sari and look traditional, elegant, sexy and beautiful all at the same time.  Since a sari can be customised to your own needs so you can have full sleeve arms or strapless blouse, heavy embroidery or translucent material or you could combine traditional and western features together.  Have a look at Bollywood beauties embrace a sari in different ways and look stunning as ever…

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Fashion For Summer 2010

Cheryl Cole
Courtesy of Guardian

The trendy look for summer 2010 is short hair which is supported by many of the A-list celebrities internationally, whether it is Former Miss Universe, Former Miss World, Beautiful Models or Talented Singers!  Being in the limelight all of the time, it is important for the celebrities to keep updated with the latest fashion trends to ensure their clothes, hair or shoes are not outdated and a Fashion-Faux Pa!  The look for this Summer is certainly the short hair look which is reflected by many Beauty Queens….

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Minimalistic Makeup Has Maximum Effect!

Woman Applying Eyeshadow
Courtesy of Corbis

One of the best fashion tips is ‘Less is Better’ and this works for clothing, makeup and accessories. It is hard to go wrong when you wear simple and minimalistic makeup, since less makeup helps to showcase your natural beauty, makes you look younger and your skin looks better! As minimalistic makeup actually shows your skin whereas if you wear heavy foundation, eyes shadow, blusher and major lipstick then you are covering your skin by creating another layer of skin on top of it, which is not appealing.

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Lifetime Lasting Beauty Tips

Young woman wearing a bathrobe wiping her face with cotton wool
Photo via Getty Images

It is best to take care of your hair, face and body to enhance your natural beauty. Not even the best branded makeup can compete with glamour of natural beauty, so make sure you take care yourself using the right methods and products to boost your natural beauty which lasts a lifetime. Plus, if you take care of your skin in the right way then your skin will be naturally radiant and clear, which will save you money on buying expensive cosmetics for fake radiance.

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Ladies: Is Your Fashion In Line With Your Body?

Beyonce Launches Her Fragrance ''Heat'' At Macy's Herald Square
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

There are different colours for different seasons, different occasions for different religions, different skills for different professions and the list can go on forever. One more addition to the list will be there are different fashion styles for different body shapes.  Of course, everyone has their own individual fashion sense and they like to wear what they think that looks good on them. However, it is important that each girl dresses herself in accordance with her body shape. I believe if you know your body type well and dress accordingly then each outfit will make a statement and each outfit will bring compliments.

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Voluptuous Body Of Kim Kardashian

6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards
Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Stunning Kim Kardashian is living a fantastical life that any girl could only dream of living. Since the 29 year old stars in a hit reality show, Keeping up the Kardashians with her entire family and they have just completed shooting for the fourth season of the hit reality show. Plus, the beauty is continuously appearing in the best magazines like People, Kurv, Cosmopolitan, Vegas, US, Playboy, FHM South Africa and many more!  Recently, Kim has released her first perfume called Kim Kardashian the voluptuous fragrance. We have to say that Kim has certainly decided the right name for her perfume, voluptuous; since she relates very well to the meaning of voluptuous by having pleasing body contours.

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