5 Best Xbox 360 Games You’ve Never Played

Dark Sector for Xbox 360
All images courtesy of IGN

Remember standing in line at the local video game store? Well then, I’m sure you remember the price. With new releases being priced in the £30.00-£40.00 range, sometimes it’s relieving to find some on the bottom shelf priced under £15.00.

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5 Celebrities Who Have Triumphed Over Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Robert Downey Jr
Images courtesy of ZIMBIO

Celebrities seem to have it all. They are rich, famous, and beautiful and admired by a lot of different people. However, not all of them have had perfect lives. Some of them have even suffered terrible alcohol and drug addictions. While several celebrities have died from their addictions, many of them have beaten their addictions.

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Gangnam Style Becomes YouTube’s Most Popular Video

South Korean Rapper Psy’s Gangnam Style video becomes YouTube’s most popular with over 825 million views so far (and counting..).

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LOL..And We Thought “Friday” Was The Worst Song Ever!

Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving
Written and Produced by Patrice Wilson

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The Best Action Movies

Scene from Matrix
Image courtesy of Daily Mail

Watching favorite movies is the most effective ways of amusing yourself. People who like to pass their time at cinemas eagerly wait for new movie releases.

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Celebrity Hang Outs, Friday Night Celeb Spotting

London at Night
Image Courtesy of BBC

Where are some of the best places to spot celebrities on a Friday night? Most venues tend to be centered in London, and can range from exclusive clubs with invite only areas, through to local pubs and bars.

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The Lyceum Theatre: An Important Landmark

The Lyceum Theatre, London
Images courtesy of Angelina Lawson

London’s Lyceum Theatre, located on Wellington Street in Westminster, contains a rich, captivating history of prestigious performances and interesting longevity. It has featured an array of first-class entertainers throughout the past and present.

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The 8 Most Awaited Hollywood Movies Of 2012-13

James Bond
Image courtesy of Screen Rant

The year 2012-13 will be audience to the sequels of some of the most popular Hollywood movies. Here is a quick peek to the most awaited Hollywood movies of the upcoming year:

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Movie Review: Joker (2012)

Joker Poster
Images courtesy of Bollywood Hungama

Running Time: 103 minutes

Hitting our screens is the Bollywood comedy/ sci-fi movie Joker. Going by the trailers it had an interesting theme; Crop Circles, something Bollywood has never previously touched upon.

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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises
Poster design by Ignition Print, with thanks to IMP Awards

Running time: 162 minutes 

Director Christopher Nolan commenced his Bruce Wayne’s stories in 2005 with BATMAN BEGINS, and then in 2008 his successful second in THE DARK KNIGHT and now concludes the trilogy with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. 

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