12 New Logo Ideas For BP?


You might’ve heard about an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico recently, it’s all over the world media. The oil has been spilling for several weeks now after an initial explosion that killed a few workers too. Anyway, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the developments of this news item over the last few weeks and I have very strong opinions (like most other people in the world, not just Americans) about the how bad the situation has gotten over there, environmentally!

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Tile Shop Or An Art Gallery?

Buddha Statue
Photos by Harmesh Valley

You hear people shout out “Wow” every now and again, but this was probably after a long time and to my amazement I was gob-smacked and not only whispered “wow” to myself but felt a whole new meaning behind this word. You might be wondering if I just seen the hottest girl in town? Or maybe a sports car I can only dream about? Of all the things I could be wowed by, it was a tile shop.

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Banksy, The Illusive Graffiti Artist

Banksy Film
Banksy website

Banksy is a mysterious British graffiti artist, originating from Bristol but his real personal identity is shrouded with mystery. His artworks are generally based on subjects like politics, culture, and ethics. He combines graffiti writing with a different style of stenciling. His street artwork has appeared in cities all over the world. He became popular during the 1980′s when graffiti art was at a boom!

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