Leicestershire Toddler Becomes YouTube Hit

She “really” can do it!  Three-year old Sofya Dickson stuns her parents with her skills.

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We Love The New BT Ad……And The Olympics! :)

Video courtesy of BT Infinity 2

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Movie Review: Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus 2012
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Prometheus garnered much hype in part due to it being labelled as a prequel to the Alien franchise. With that hype I was equally excited to see what the movie had in store. However, director Ridley Scott does clarify that this is not a direct prequel to Alien (1979) although it does happen in the same universe.

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The Olympic Flame arrived in Leicester

The London 2012 Olympic flame arrived in Leicester on Monday July 2nd. It was carried through the city centre, then along Belgrave Gate (video shown above) and Abbey Park Road on to a special celebration event, which was held at Abbey Park.

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