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5 Of The Best Smiles In Hollywood


Anyone that spends their time watching movies or television knows that a great smile is a prerequisite for anyone trying to succeed in Hollywood. Most of the actors in Hollywood have spent a great deal of time and money devoted to crafting the perfect smile and it shows off because the city is the home to some of the best smiles in the world. While nearly every actor in Hollywood has an amazing smile, these are the five best.

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5 Celebrity Secrets For Whiter Teeth On A Budget

A celebrity walks down the red carpet, and all you see is that pearly white smile permanently glued to their face. However, celebrities have chipped teeth, gaps, tooth decay, overbites, and missing teeth, too, but they can afford surgery and implants at $2000 – $3000 per tooth. To keep a million dollar smile, you can visit your dentist for cleanings, but expert Dental Implants in Salinas offers some very affordable secrets that celebrities use to whiten teeth:

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