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Top Fitness Crazes Of 2013 – Infographic


Well, it’s 2014! However, 2013 was the year where the world (including celebrities) just went crazy over new fitness trends, from Miley Cyrus’ famous but controversial ‘twerking’, to ‘hula-hooping’, to the wacky, fun and dirty ‘zombie’ runs, and to the grueling ‘spartan’ races. So, if you don’t enjoy going to gyms, then whatever you’re liking, you can always find a new way to workout, get fit, and of course, make friends. Wonder what trends this year will bring for us?

Check out this cool infographic to find out more:

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Get The Most Gorgeous Hair Extensions Done In New York


With ample amounts of surveys and personal interviews, it has now become obvious that people are mostly impressed by the exterior attractiveness of the person. Every woman’s wish is to look beautiful and appealing when she goes out, whether it is for a party or to the workplace. Beautiful hair is the most important factor which enhances the beauty and renders the feeling of elegance to the people who are looking at you. But most people are not gifted with good quality natural hair, and if you feel that you cannot have curls or beautiful straight hair look because of the poor quality of your hair, then it is time you introduce yourself to the prominent method of hair extensions.

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Fashion For Summer 2010

The trendy look for summer 2010 is short hair which is supported by many of the A-list celebrities internationally, whether it is Former Miss Universe, Former Miss World, Beautiful Models or Talented Singers!  Being in the limelight all of the time, it is important for the celebrities to keep updated with the latest fashion trends to ensure their clothes, hair or shoes are not outdated and a Fashion-Faux Pa!  The look for this Summer is certainly the short hair look which is reflected by many Beauty Queens….

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