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Facebook Acknowledge Mistakes

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It was good to read that the bosses of Facebook have decided to look at the ‘privacy policies’ of the site to make it a better place for everyone. As a parent and user of Facebook there is not enough done to stop the wrong people using the site and protecting my personal information, these privacy issues should have been sorted from day one.

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PleaseRobMe.com Website Warning To Social Network Addicts

PleaseRobMe.com website

A Dutch website, which only took a few hours to create apparently, has had a lot of media coverage recently because it highlights the dangers of sharing location information online, especially on sites like Facebook and Twitter. I’m not going to go into what they are because chances are you’re already using them! As the website name suggests (PleaseRobMe.com), come and help yourself, in other words! Any information you publish onto the internet is open for the whole world to see and there are those who will see that as an opportunity to take up your irresistible offer.

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Is Internet Dating Leading To Infidelity?

I was listening to the radio station this morning. They were talking about how the internet has given the dating scene a new lease of life. The days of just meeting a potential partner at a social event have long gone and people use social websites to do this now e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

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