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Play Games, Boost Skills And Get Smarter


From cradle to grave, playing can boost our brain’s function, and new research from PLOS One indicates the integral role video games play in increasing that mental power. After being instructed to play video games for 20 hours a week over a four-week time period, five groups of non-gamers were tested for spatial memory, attentional blink and cognitive control. Depending on the game the participants had been using, each of these skills improved.

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4 Ways To Make Your Trendy Devices More Fashionable


As smartphones continue to get a wider user base, it has become more important for our phones to reflect our personality. Unfortunately, a lot of smartphone manufacturers are still giving us the same, boring black and white phones. However, there are plenty of different ways to make your smartphone just as fashionable as you are.

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How Important Have Smartphones Become In Our Lives?


Today, we have a special Infographic for you…

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