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Why Smart Watches Will Time Out – Infographic


Trends in technology have been driving sales for the past few years, but it all started with the iPods, iPhones and the iPads, by innovative technology giant, Apple. However, Samsung (and others) have caught up and are now leading the way for innovation in consumer electronics, but will the new trend of Smart Watches work for the ever demanding consumer? Will smart watches sell? Will they make money? How are they fitting into the lives of men and women?

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Top 5 Gadgets For E-Learning


The world of education is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. The days of picking up a book, turning to page –whatever- and beginning the lesson may still be here, but schools are beginning to get more connected with technology and e-learning. There are many gadgets that are used for e-learning –some that were designed specifically for that purpose and others whose benefits are incidental- and some are more effective than others.

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