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Make Your Wedding Party Special With A Ladies Luncheon


While many people are familiar with the conventional parties associated with weddings such as engagement parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties or even bridal showers, there was a custom in the past for a ladies luncheon to be an integral part of the wedding celebration. This was traditionally a way for the bride to show her appreciation for the bridesmaids, flower girls and other women who have played a special role in the wedding.

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5 Apps That Simplify Gluten-Free Shopping And Dining Abroad


Now that gluten-free eating has become a trend in the US, abiding by this dietary restriction is no longer as difficult as it once was. Most restaurants offer a gluten-free menu, and most grocery stores readily carry gluten-free items. But traveling abroad, depending upon where you’re going, can be less of a sure bet.

If international travel is on the horizon for you this coming year, take a moment to read up on five apps that have made the process of preparing for and enjoying traveling that much simpler for the gluten-free adventurer.

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Save Money On Food & Drink Specials, Happy Hours And Holiday Trends


It is obvious that with the current market economy, people are going to opt for methods and avail for services which will enable them to save more in their monthly budget. Although savings are an important aspect of our life, it does not denote that you should cease the enjoyment of roaming around with friends and tasting rich foods in a nice restaurant just because of meager savings.

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Why Food Is An Important Part Of Your Life


Are you one of those individuals who feel that food is an incredibly important part of your life? Whether it’s going out for dinner regularly with your friends or preparing healthy and delicious meals for your family; many people feel that food is an integral part of their daily life, and not just for the nutritional value. If food is important to you then you may enjoy thinking of new ways to tweak and change the dishes you enjoy, and coming up with brand-new recipes that you have never tried before.

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How To Have An Amazing Night Out In London


After having a stressful day, you may want to visit some of the night attractions that are plentiful in London. No matter what your tastes and desires are there is bound to be a place for you in the London nightlife. Here are some of the best places I found out to visit while on a night out.

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6 Tips For Making Your Holiday Entertaining Go Much Smoother

As the holidays approach, you might be running down the list of things you need to do. It can make a person anxious, but it doesn’t have to. Here is a quick look at some of the different things that you can do to reduce the stress this holiday season.

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Tablets To Replace Menu Cards In Restaurants


When you think of a restaurant menu, what do you picture? Perhaps you envision chalkboard on the wall noting the day’s fresh catch? Or maybe a plastic covered tri-fold menu handed out upon arrival? But the world is changing. Over the years, cloud-based technology has helped greatly improve the restaurant industry. The global market for digital signage is increasing. Digital menus—from large menu boards to hand-held tablet devices—are making their way into all kinds of restaurants, with the promise of communicating to customers more effectively and subsequently improving sales. Money spent on digital signage is projected to nearly triple from 2010 to 2016. After all, the basic menu hasn’t changed much over the centuries. So with the ubiquity of a Tablet, might the menu ultimately show up on a tablet? I think it is inevitable and its benefits and gains are far more than imagination.

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Unusual Restaurants Around The World

Ithaa Restaurant

One of the best parts of travelling and exploring is sampling traditional cuisine and visiting local restaurants. It’s an ideal way to immerse yourself in a countries culture and learn more about local delicacies and flavours. Read on for some of the most breath taking restaurants in the world, offering the ultimate dining experience.

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5 Golden Keys For Restaurant Business To Increase Sales

Redstone Catering
Image by Redstone Catering

Owning a restaurant business is one of the most lucrative ways you can earn a lot of money because you deal with basic needs which people must use. However, with the increased competition experienced in this industry, there is a need to have unique marketing strategies in order to gain a competitive edge and increase sales. Below are 5 golden keys for restaurant business to increase sales.

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The Observatory, Leicester – Restaurant Review

Chicken & Chorizo Skewers
One of the many tasty starters – Chicken & Chorizo Skewers

I have to say I’m not much of a dessert person, but the one piece of dessert I do like is profiteroles. So I jumped at the chance to join my friends to celebrate his birthday when he suggested The Observatory at the Meridian Business Park in Leicester.

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