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Blockbuster Raajneeti

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Raajneeti has proved to be a SUPERHIT by collecting Rs. 56 cr in the first week which makes it the third biggest openers of Bollywood.  The first and second biggest openers are 3 Idiots and Ghajini which both have Aamir Khan as the leading actor.

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Top 10 Forthcoming Bollywood Movies

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Images courtesy of Filmicafe

In the year of 2010 so far, we have been three blockbuster movies, MY NAME IS KHAN, HOUSEFUL and KITES.  And Bollywood promises more fine entertainment as it brings to you at least 10 super-duper films for the remaining of 2010.  So, you must spare out time and book your cinema tickets in advance to watch the following TOP 10 FORTHCOMING MOVIES which will make you think, cry, frighten, laugh, dance and love!

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