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Sony To Go 3D In June

Sony 3D Tv
Images courtesy of Sony

In the last six months we have seen 3D films; also some of us have been lucky enough to have seen live sport in 3D on Sky in the UK. Now Sony is taking gaming to 3D level on their PS3, coming together with their first 3D TV. Sony is being touted as the first major manufacture to go with 3D technology, but I am quite sure the rest of the so called ‘big boys’ of electronics will follow suit.

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Playstation Move – Hit or Miss?

Sony Motion Controller
Courtesy of IGN

It has taken Sony nearly 3 years to finally realise we are not happy with just sitting and playing games. Nintendo knew they could not compete with Sony and Microsoft at that so they bought us the highly successful Wii, So what is going to be different about the Playstation Move? Or is it a Wii rip off? Well we will have to wait till its release to decide but we can look at the key features and how it works.

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Sonic The Hedgehog Is Back In 2D

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

Are you tired of all the 3d action in today’s video games? Too much attention being paid to graphics and not enough to game play? Well Sega have listened, they have decided to release Sonic the Hedgehog – Episode 1. Since Sega do not have a console of their own like in the past, they are using the Xbox, Wii and PS3 for the release.

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