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Where To Go When You’re Fed Up Of Protein Shakes


The world and its dog seem to be using protein shakes at the moment, and there’s no surprise as to why: these cheap, easy to make concoctions are the perfect supplement for any diet, especially for people on intense training schedules.

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Mmm Orange ‘n’ Mango Smoothie

Orange and Mango Smoothie
Photo by Rahul Samplay

With the summer approaching then Smoothies are perfect for a super boost first thing in the morning.  Smoothies will be loved by adults and kids as they help them to intake five fruits a day with one glass of Smoothie.  You can choose from any of your favourite fruit or vegetable and mix ‘n’ match to get a perfect flavour for yourself! Here is one of my favourite Smoothie…

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Yummy! Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Every child loves Yummy! Chocolate Milkshake out of the shakes! Since chocolate is the first love of every kid and even adults, its delicious taste is highly desirable. However, chocolate is quite unhealthy for kid’s teeth and kids often choose chocolate over healthy food options which are needed for growth. Therefore, the ideal solution for these problems is to make a Yummy! Chocolate Milkshake which will appeal to kids as much as chocolate but it is healthy as it contains a lot of milk which is ideal for growth and good skin. You can also add fruit to the topping of Yummy! Chocolate Milkshake to make sure the kids have their five a day serving.

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