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5 Leading Ladies That Are Loving The Limelight


Some celebrities seem willing to do anything to get in and stay in the coveted limelight. While some older celebrities might want to shy away from the limelight and live normal lives, many younger ones trying to make their way in Hollywood seem to have the opposite outlook and love the limelight. Below is a list of five leading ladies that are loving the limelight.

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Top Fitness Crazes Of 2013 – Infographic


Well, it’s 2014! However, 2013 was the year where the world (including celebrities) just went crazy over new fitness trends, from Miley Cyrus’ famous but controversial ‘twerking’, to ‘hula-hooping’, to the wacky, fun and dirty ‘zombie’ runs, and to the grueling ‘spartan’ races. So, if you don’t enjoy going to gyms, then whatever you’re liking, you can always find a new way to workout, get fit, and of course, make friends. Wonder what trends this year will bring for us?

Check out this cool infographic to find out more:

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Miley Cyrus New Image

Miley Cyrus achieved fame from Disney’s Hannah Montana show, which was highly popular amongst teen girls due to the fresh concept and humour.  Teens adored Miley’s role in the popular show so they bought blonde wigs and Hannah Montana clothes to look like their favourite celebrity.

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