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Microsoft Kinect Unveiled

Microsoft Kinect
Image courtesy of CNN

Microsoft unveiled the ‘Kinect’ to try plugging the gap in the gaming market; hands free motion control system which was originally branded ‘Project Natal’ has been re-branded ‘Kinect’. The system is to rival the Sony Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii Motion Plus, and should be available by the end of the year.

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Microsoft Kin – Is It Something Special?

Microsoft unveils new line of smart phones in San Francisco
Courtesy of Reuters

Just browsing the net and came across the newly unveiled Microsoft Kin mobile phone range. The newly developed phones will be rival for Apple and Google’s smart phones and will try to take some of the mobile phone market from them, the only problem with that is that Microsoft have always been involved in the mobile phone market in some way and there has never been any obvious success.

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The Windows Phone 7 Series – Will It Sink Or Swim?

Windows 7 Series (Microsoft)
Photo via Microsoft.com

It has taken 3 years of Apple dominating the mobile phone market with the iPhone, for Microsoft to step up and really show the world it can be a powerhouse in the phone market, when it comes to software there is absolutely no doubt who is the best in the business. Are they going to give Apple and the iPhone a run for its money? Let’s have a look.

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