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Top 5 Greatest Celebrity Comebacks


The celebrity world can be very fickle – one minute you’re riding high and the next minute your yesterday’s news. With the constant glare of the world’s media watching your every move, paparazzi following your every step and the constant pressure and high expectations on every new project it is no wonder that many celebrities crack under the stress. Over the years many celebrities have gone through a down-hill spiral that has caused them to lose their reputation, money, jobs, and endorsements.

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4 Shocking And Infamous Celebrity Arrests


You would think that once people reach a certain level of fame, when everything seems to be handed to them on a silver platter, they would find it totally needless to get into trouble. The problem with that thinking is that for as long as people have been celebrities, for one reason or another, they have gotten into trouble. Maybe it’s true that they might not get into trouble any more often than anyone else, but their fame makes it seem that way. Either way, what follows is the four most infamous celebrity arrests.

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