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General Election May 6th. Please Vote!

May 6th will be a big day for the UK, The polling stations will open for another General Election to see who out of the current party Labour, opinion poll favourite’s Conservatives or the outside’s Lib Dems can be the next party to take us through the next 5 years. I am no expert in politics and I only know what I read in newspapers and watch on TV, we are in for tough time in the future no matter who we decided to vote for and whoever comes to be the Prime Minister.

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Elections Bring A Bollywood Buzz

Keith Vaz and Sanjay Dutt
A bit of Bollywood glamour to the elections (photos by Primal Mistry)

It’s not every day that you see one of Bollywood’s most profound actors visiting the streets of Leicester, but this weekend saw Keith Vaz trying to boost the Labour party’s votes by bringing Sanjay Dutt to Belgrave Road. I just so happened to be passing by Doncaster Road where I was planning to get a few savouries from Raj Bombay, when I was met by a crowd of Indian families all lining up against the road.

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