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Finally Acquired The iPhone 4 – Wooohooooo!

iPhone 4G
Image courtesy of Uk Press Releases

I can officially confirm I have the best phone/iPhone in the world. Costing me absolutely nothing, in fact I could possibly make a profit from purchasing one. I will explain, but first, the iPhone 4 is a piece of art, screen quality is HD quality and looks way better than a HD television. The device works much faster than my 3GS, camera quality has been sorted to its full potential, with a flash.

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Apple iPhone 4: Pre-Order Yours Today

iPhone 4G
Courtesy of UK Press Releases

Apple has confirmed the iPhone 4 is available to pre-order from their online store. The phone is only available in black to the UK at the moment but when released the phone will be available in both black and white.

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The iPhone 4G – Is This It?

Video via Gizmodo.com

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 4G in June and I myself cannot wait to see what new features are to come with this device. I have had the iPhone 3GS since November, now I do not see a different phone apart from the Apple iPhone range in my possession. I have been looking at the rumour mill that is the internet, about what the iPhone 4G will have in regards to features, what’s new and what is the same.

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