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Play Games, Boost Skills And Get Smarter


From cradle to grave, playing can boost our brain’s function, and new research from PLOS One indicates the integral role video games play in increasing that mental power. After being instructed to play video games for 20 hours a week over a four-week time period, five groups of non-gamers were tested for spatial memory, attentional blink and cognitive control. Depending on the game the participants had been using, each of these skills improved.

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IPad UK Price Confirmed

In the last week, Apple has confirmed the pricing of the hugely anticipated iPad which is due to be released in the UK on the 29th May, Pre-order from the 10th May. You might be slightly annoyed that the iPad is going to cost us more than it did for the consumers in the US. Do we always get the raw deal in the UK? Or is it just me.

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IPad Arrives! Will They Come And Go?

Apple iPad
Photos courtesy of Apple

Well ladies and gentlemen, the iPad has landed in the U.S, and from what I have read it is going down a storm with the public. The ‘tablet’ has sold over 300,000 units on release which as predicted by many will bring the big bucks for Apple, but as when the first model of the iPhone was released there are some problems with them.

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Tablet War Begins – iPad Alternatives

Sony Dash Viewer
Photo by Sony

Having had a look at the iPad, are you thinking whether 2010 is going to be remembered for the tablet? Well if you cannot wait for the iPad or you’re just not excited as others, then here are the tablet alternatives. By the way, to answer my own question, you better get used to the words iPad and Tablets because you are not going to hear anything else in the near future.

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Is Apple’s New iPad Just A Big iPhone?

Apple has finally revealed it’s much anticipated new gadget, the ‘iPad’. It is being touted as the ‘third category device’, the other two being a Laptop and a Smartphone. Apple already has a huge percentage of the phone market with the iPhone, but this is going to take the devices to a new level for internet browsing, emailing and the newest feature e-books.

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