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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Laptop


Laptops, while once a luxury, are now widely used, specifically since the prices have dropped so much in recent years.. However, laptops offer users a convenience not found in a desktop computer; they can be taken with you wherever you go. This convenience, however, can come at a price if the laptop is not taken care of properly. Below are 5 tips on how you can get the most out of your laptop.

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Is Internet Browsing About To Cost Us All?

I was in shock today, the days of browsing sites for free are numbered with the outrageous news that News International are going to charge £2 a Week  for browsing The Times & The Sunday Times newspaper website. We all know how The Times is high a quality broadsheet like The Telegraph, Independent and Guardian and if you buy these papers daily, you would spend well over £2 a week, so it is not the charge of £1 daily or £2 weekly that’s the problem.

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Do We Rely On Technology Too Much?

We all have our favourite gadgets? Some we use more than others and some we could not ever live without. We must all be thankful to the comfort that technology has bought to our lives. There are a number of items of technology that I could never live without in my life, such as a mobile phone, computer or internet. Are we over reliant on modern technology? I can remember being at school 11 years ago and I do not even remember seeing a mobile phone. So what changed?

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Is Internet Dating Leading To Infidelity?

I was listening to the radio station this morning. They were talking about how the internet has given the dating scene a new lease of life. The days of just meeting a potential partner at a social event have long gone and people use social websites to do this now e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

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Are MP3 Downloads Killing The Music Industry?

There is no doubt that in the 21st century music has come on leaps and bounds, but I have had the feeling that internet has taken the edge off the music industry. The internet has had such a big effect on the marketing and sales of music; whether it is a good or bad thing could be debated.

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