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How To Make Vegetarian Sri Lankan kottu Roti: Recipe

Today we are making and International Dish called Sri Lankan kottu (or Kothu) Roti (also known as Chapati). Again it’s very easy and simple to make – max cooking time 10 mins to serve 2 people.

First you will need to make chapati or if you don’t know how to make a chapati..you can buy ready made chapatis from local Indian grocery stores or alternatively, you can buy ready to cook Tortillas and just heat them up..they will look just like chapatis once cooked to golden brown.

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Ingredients Explained!

Close-up of spices
Courtesy of Newscom

I know many people have trouble finding the right ingredient(s), since if you are English then you will have trouble finding the right ingredients in a Indian grocery store and if you are an Indian then you will have trouble finding the correct ingredient in an English grocery store!  Since, the names of the ingredients and their usage are different in many ways.

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