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Restaurant Review: Flamingo’s Bar & Grill

Flamingo's Bar & Grill
Courtesy of Where’s Best

Flamingo’s Bar & Grill is a popular restaurant in Leicester and has been a around for a while now. I have been there on a few occasions and though the food can be hit and miss on some occasions I keep going back as the place itself is nice and with a friendly service. The majority of times I have been the food has been quite good, it is only on the rare occasion where it has not lived up to its reputation of quality food.

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A Fiery Taste: Chilli Paneer Recipe

Chilli Paneer
Photo by Shashi Samplay

Chilli Paneer is one of the best products of Indian cuisine as it is absolutely delicious!  Chilli Paneer is a mixture of cubed cottage cheese, peppers and potatoes, however I know that most people detest cottage cheese yet I would like to assure you that Chilli Paneer makes you love it since I hate cottage cheese myself but when you have it with this complete dish then the aroma, look and taste of it transforms from hate to love- if you do not believe me then you must try it yourself at least once…

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Restaurant Review: Grand Durbar, Leicester

Grand Durbar, Leicester
Photo by Harmesh Valley

Grand Durbar has always been an excellent place to go and eat at. Located off the main part of Belgrave Road on Melton Road, it has an excellent reputation for satisfying diners. Interestingly enough the word “Durbar” means an entertainment chamber with the first one taking place in 1877 to recognise Queen Victoria as the empress of India. The restaurant has been established since 1988 which for me was a fine year as it was the birth year of my brother.

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Is Egg Curry Veg Or Non-Veg?

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Being vegetarian for the past 7 months, I have found it really hard to avoid eating eggs, since it is in almost every biscuits and cakes and some vegetarian dishes like Quorn. So, it is almost impossible to keep away from eggs if you have a great desire for crunchy biscuits and delicious cakes. However, even the pure vegetarians do not mind eating food like biscuits, cakes and Quorn, as they say that there is only a small amount of egg in the food so it is suitable for vegetarians. Also, eggs do not involve any blood unlike Chicken, Lamb and Pork so most people classify eggs as a vegetarian food.

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