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4 Ways Home Automation Systems Can Make Your Life Easier


You likely have a jam-packed schedule, a dozen places to be everyday, and and endless to-do list or things to remember. Luckily, you live in a world so technologically advanced that many of your chores, to-do’s and other tasks can be easily taken care of through the touch of a button with home automation.

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5 Celebrities Begging To Be Robbed Blind


Celebrities do everything big. Dropping serious cash on everything from clothing and jewelry to cars and yachts is nothing out of the ordinary for Hollywood’s most elite. Luxury mansions are among the priciest items being bought by A-list stars, but since most of them are on the road all the time, those multi-million dollar pads are sitting ducks for determined home invaders. Here are five celebs who are just asking to be robbed of everything they have.

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