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The Power Of A Protein Diet In Your Life


Although protein is mainly associated with bodybuilding and growing large amounts of muscle, it’s important to ensure that you’re eating enough of it, especially if you work out or do a lot of exercise. Regardless of whether you want to build muscle, not eating enough protein while on a strict fitness plan can have implications on your health. Consuming the right amount for your body weight will ensure that you achieve the results you want, without harming your body, or looking like Popeye!

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Where To Go When You’re Fed Up Of Protein Shakes


The world and its dog seem to be using protein shakes at the moment, and there’s no surprise as to why: these cheap, easy to make concoctions are the perfect supplement for any diet, especially for people on intense training schedules.

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5 Apps That Simplify Gluten-Free Shopping And Dining Abroad


Now that gluten-free eating has become a trend in the US, abiding by this dietary restriction is no longer as difficult as it once was. Most restaurants offer a gluten-free menu, and most grocery stores readily carry gluten-free items. But traveling abroad, depending upon where you’re going, can be less of a sure bet.

If international travel is on the horizon for you this coming year, take a moment to read up on five apps that have made the process of preparing for and enjoying traveling that much simpler for the gluten-free adventurer.

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Weight Train Your Way Perfectly Into Your Wedding Dress


Of course all if not most women, wish to have their dream body for their wedding day. Months of dieting and exercise usually takes place in order to prepare for a brides big day. However often women will neglect a significant aspect in their training that will help make sure their dress fits every curve perfectly – weight training.

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Weight Loss Research – An Infographic


This info-graphic looks at what exercises will burn calories the quickest per hour of exertion. You can use this guide to choose the one that you believe will most suit your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

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Introducing The Lake District Dairy Co. Quark


Introducing The Lake District Dairy Co. Quark – Dairy’s new ‘Guilt-Free’ everyday cooking ingredient (UK Launch Supported by TV’s The Fabulous Baker Brothers). A naturally fat free dairy ingredient, that’s set to add a new range of culinary options for health conscious consumers nationwide.

Launching nationally in a variety of flavours; Original, Lemon, and Vanilla – The Lake District Dairy Co. British Quark offers itself as a truly versatile dairy ingredient that is great for cooking, mixing and baking.

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How To Make A Tasty Tuna Pasta Dish – Tuna Recipes

Tuna Pasta
Photos by Harmesh Valley

Every time I get back from my gym session, I really have to eat my homemade tuna pasta, as it’s the only healthiest dish I can make. And my word do I make the best tuna pasta, fully confirmed by my friends and family. I love sharing secrets, so let this recipe be one of them.

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You Are What You Eat…

I have been trying to eat healthily for the last 5 years. One of my vices is sugary foods. I have had a sweet tooth all my life, but when you put weight on you realise that it’s not good for you at all. If you do not limit your intake of sugary foods, it could lead to Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

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