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Best Chip Shop In Leicester?

Mohammad's Fish & Chip Shop, Leicester
Image courtesy of Harmesh Valley

Tastiest portion of chips in Leicester!

Healthy or not, once hunger strikes, there is no stopping you from eating whatever. I present to you the most edible, softest, tastiest chips ever. If you live in Leicester then be proud to live in a town with the chip shop that sells the best chips in the East Midlands, perhaps.

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We’re Having Pizza Tonight!

Pizza slices
Photo via Jupiter Images

Pizza is one of the best fast foods in the world for certain. If you are a meat-eater then you can add chunks of pepperoni, ham, lamb and chicken as your toppings. Or, if you are a pure vegetarian then you can have a spicy vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, peppers, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. However, if you are concerned with your fitness then you can have a thin base and low fat cheese pizza with toppings of your choice! Undoubtedly, pizza is one food that allows you to customise it to your individual taste. Here, is the the recipe for a vegetarian pizza which can be altered to non-veg pizza by adding meat toppings of your choice.

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You Are What You Eat…

I have been trying to eat healthily for the last 5 years. One of my vices is sugary foods. I have had a sweet tooth all my life, but when you put weight on you realise that it’s not good for you at all. If you do not limit your intake of sugary foods, it could lead to Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

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