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What Fashionable Glasses Are Celebrities Wearing?


Everyone knows that a pair of flattering glasses is the best must-have accessory that never goes out of style. But with so many new style options, how do you pick the perfect pair? To find inspiration for this year’s top trends, let’s look at what the celebrities are wearing. Nerd-chic styles, brightly colored frames, and retro-inspired specs are all the rage this year.

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16 Ways To Style Your Skirts In Winter


Skirts are such beloved essentials of a girl’s wardrobe but now winter has arrived, what to do now? No worries, we can style skirts as a part of winter outfit as well. Here are a few ideas of how you can style your skirts:

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Fashion Footwear For Women Today

Fashion Footwear for Women Today
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Shoes define the personality of a woman. It is equally important as apparel or jewellery for any woman. In ancient times, shoes were worn for the sole purpose of protecting the feet. However, that has changed completely today. Today, there are added functions of shoes and they are responsible for establishing the personality of women. New designs and styles in footwear have brought a revolution in footwear. Some of the latest trends in footwear are given below.

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