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Top 5 Greatest Celebrity Comebacks


The celebrity world can be very fickle – one minute you’re riding high and the next minute your yesterday’s news. With the constant glare of the world’s media watching your every move, paparazzi following your every step and the constant pressure and high expectations on every new project it is no wonder that many celebrities crack under the stress. Over the years many celebrities have gone through a down-hill spiral that has caused them to lose their reputation, money, jobs, and endorsements.

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6 Disney Child Stars Who Have Gone To Rehab


Disney is the pinnacle of childhood happiness! When we think of childhood brand ambassadors for the company, we see wide-eyed and wide-grinned kids that are “living the dream.” But unfortunately, life doesn’t always stay this way for these child stars. There is for many, some light at the end of the tunnel. The following are six Disney child stars that have gone to rehab and made efforts to get their lives back on track:

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