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A Basic Guide On Pairing Wine With Sausages


The humble sausage is one of the most flexible ingredients around, able to be included in everything from casseroles to grill platters. Once you’ve whipped up a tasty meal, what can you have for drink to accompany the meaty flavour of the sausages you’ve chosen? If you’re a wine aficionado, you’ll want to complement these two tastes, creating a food and beverage pairing that actually works well. This guide looks at some different types of sausages and the wines that suit these tastes.

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3 Tips For Finding A Great Restaurant In Your City


Going out to eat somewhere new can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, which is why you need to know how to find a great restaurant in your area. Instead of just choosing a place blindly, it may be helpful to do some research ahead of time to ensure that you choose a place that everyone in your family will enjoy. After all, there are hundreds of restaurants in the area, which means you have a whole lot of options.

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Save Money On Food & Drink Specials, Happy Hours And Holiday Trends


It is obvious that with the current market economy, people are going to opt for methods and avail for services which will enable them to save more in their monthly budget. Although savings are an important aspect of our life, it does not denote that you should cease the enjoyment of roaming around with friends and tasting rich foods in a nice restaurant just because of meager savings.

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My 3 Fave Cocktails

Various Cocktails
With thanks to Royce.B.McClure (Courtesy of The Artgame)

Summer is here and the World Cup 2010 is less than 1 week away. If like me, you are attending Bbl every weekend, you are most likely getting bored of having the standard lager and then spirits. Summer is the time to be adventurous, so why not try your hand at making a cocktail, let’s face it nothing refreshes like a cold cocktail, so here are my top 3 cocktails that will make your summer days even more enjoyable.

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Pav’s Top 5 Pints

Pint of Guinness
Courtesy of Independent

For all you pint lovers out there I have decided to enlighten you all by giving you my guide of the top 5 pints to drink. It has been very hard to come up with just 5 as there are so many different drinks to choose from. Also depending on my mood it would be very easy to change the list but I will give it a shot and my current top 5 are.

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Mmm Orange ‘n’ Mango Smoothie

Orange and Mango Smoothie
Photo by Rahul Samplay

With the summer approaching then Smoothies are perfect for a super boost first thing in the morning.  Smoothies will be loved by adults and kids as they help them to intake five fruits a day with one glass of Smoothie.  You can choose from any of your favourite fruit or vegetable and mix ‘n’ match to get a perfect flavour for yourself! Here is one of my favourite Smoothie…

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