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Top 5 Greatest Celebrity Comebacks


The celebrity world can be very fickle – one minute you’re riding high and the next minute your yesterday’s news. With the constant glare of the world’s media watching your every move, paparazzi following your every step and the constant pressure and high expectations on every new project it is no wonder that many celebrities crack under the stress. Over the years many celebrities have gone through a down-hill spiral that has caused them to lose their reputation, money, jobs, and endorsements.

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Good-Looking Footballers

The World is crazy over the World Cup 2010 as it is one of the biggest tournaments on earth.  Everyone is behind their favourite teams, everyone is skipping work to watch their team play, everyone is hoping the best players do not get injured or sent off and the list goes on and on.  However, some do not watch football for the team but for the handsome footballers and I cannot blame them as the footballers are stunningly gorgeous that it is hard to keep your eyes off them!

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Celebrity Privacy Invasion

Is anyone else sick or the media invading the privacy of celebrities? Recently Tiger Woods has been in the media for things that have nothing to do with what he does for his profession or sports, but they are looking into his private life. He crashed his car? So what! He had an affair? So what! Have we has a nation become so miserable with our own lives that we have to pry into the lives of the famous.

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