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5 Worst Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas Of All Time


We all have that one hideous yearbook picture, and celebrities, with their high-profile lives and endless swarms of paparazzi, are even more suggestible to embarrassingly public fashion mistakes. Here are five of the worst faux pas in Hollywood history.

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Celebrity Fashion And Tattoo – Two Inseparable Words


Numerous celebrities around the world are not only famous to us for their skills in various fields, but also for their display of latest fashion, that surely turns our head from time to time. The concept of tattoo has gone parallel with the world of celebrities. It has been noticed that there are very few celebrities (like Michael Jordan) who have not inked any part of their body.

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How To Look Awesome In Your Outfits


The way you carry yourself matters a lot. Good wardrobe can increase your level of confidence and you carry a positive aura around you. When you visit showrooms or different websites, you might come across various options that might fit you but it is really important that you select the ones that are the best for you and makes you look outstanding.

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Worst Dressed Oscar Nominees Of All Time

As the Oscar Nominees have just gone by (24th Feb, 2013) and we get to part take in our favourite hobby: celebrity bashing! Of course, much attention has now been devoted to scan the outfits of the most talked celebrities! The braver of the bunch turned up in wild and whacky outfits, whilst the more traditional beauties kept things simple. Either way, also in the past years’ outfits there is been lost of material to talk about, let’s have a look at some of the worst outfits in the history of Oscar Nominees!

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Kim K: Before and Now

KIM KARDASHIAN is famous for her curvy and toned figure and great fashion sense, she seems to look stunning in each and every outfit that she steps out in which forces girls to envy her fine fashion sense and guys to adore her amazing figure and admire her love for fashion.  However, there is a saying that ‘fashion sense only comes with time’ and KIM KARDASHIAN has proved this saying very true, as she did not always have the best fashion sense.  Have a look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of KIM and notice how much her fashion sense have changed for the better!

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