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Top 5 Bollywood Songs For July

Scene from Khatta Meetha
All image courtesy of Bollywood Hungama

Summer is the season of weddings as everyone desires to get married in fantastic weather when everyones’ mood is uplifted, the sceneries are enhanced with the sunshine and everyone has holidays! Yet, every marriage is incomplete without romantic music and if you need help with any romantic songs for a wedding then my JULY TOP 5 SONGS will be very helpful for you as the JULY TOP 5 SONGS list is dominated by romantic tracks…

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Music Review: Milenge Milenge

Image Courtesy of Filmicafe

MILENGE MILENGE is the hype of Bollywood for this week since I Hate Luv Storys has done well at the box office and its youthful love story has been adored by the audience.  So, this has raised questions if the love story of MILENGE MILENGE will be able to compete well with I Hate Luv Storys!  We must wait for the release of the film to get the answers but I must say that I am not too impressed with the music of MILENGE MILENGE, since it does not seem to have versality or the spark that all other Himesh Reshammiya’s compositions have had in the past!

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Top 5 Bollywood Songs For May

Images courtesy of Filmicafe

Himesh Reshammiya is back with his forthcoming film called KAJRAARE and the music of the film is outstanding.  There is no question about the fine potential of the singer, composer and actor, Himesh Reshammiya who is the music director of KAJRAARE which has sensational songs.  KAJRAARE is ruling our MAY TOP 5 SONGS list for this month yet we still have ‘OH GIRL YOU’RE MINE’ (HOUSEFUL) and ZINDAGI DO PAL KI (KITES) in our Top 5 list but they have fallen down the list:

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Top 5 Bollywood Songs For April

Scene from Housefull
Scene from Housefull (courtesy of Filmicafe)

There were few films that released in April such as, Prince, Phook 2, Paathshaala and Jaana Kahan Se Aayi Hai however none of these films done well at the box office and their music failed to impress the audience too.  Exception to one of the songs from Paathshaala which holds the third place in my APRIL TOP 5 SONGS then rest of the songs within the TOP 5 are from the two forthcoming films, Kites and Housefull, which released their music in April.

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