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World Gone ‘GaGa’ Over ‘Telephone’ Video

Lady GaGa - Telephone
Lady Gaga – Telephone Video

If you haven’t heard of ‘Lady GaGa’ then where have you been? She has got to be one of the most influential and controversial pop stars currently out there. She’s being compared to the likes of pop legends ‘Madonna’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ of the eighties and nineties, when their careers really took off, and she has a knack of creating controversies in everything she does, ranging from her fashion sense to her music.

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Ladies: Is Your Fashion In Line With Your Body?

There are different colours for different seasons, different occasions for different religions, different skills for different professions and the list can go on forever. One more addition to the list will be there are different fashion styles for different body shapes.  Of course, everyone has their own individual fashion sense and they like to wear what they think that looks good on them. However, it is important that each girl dresses herself in accordance with her body shape. I believe if you know your body type well and dress accordingly then each outfit will make a statement and each outfit will bring compliments.

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