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Peepli LIVE selected for Oscars

PEEPLI [LIVE] proved to be a blockbuster movie when it grossed Rs 4 crores on Friday which was released over 600 screens in India.  This super-hit movie proved that A-list actors/actresses, glamorous locations, designer costumes, fine music or fantastic action does not make a movie a blockbuster hit, yet it is the story and how the story is put across to the audience, hence the direction is important too.

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Peepli [Live] Controversy

PEEPLI [LIVE] has been a huge box office hit, since it has achieved approximately Rs. 15.5 crores within its opening weekend across India only.  The BLOCKBUSTER movie had grossed Rs 4 crores on Friday only when it was released by UTV Motion Pictures in more than 600 screens within India.

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Aamir Khan – King Of The Khans

With it barely being into 2010, lady luck is certainly shining on a certain Mr Khan, no I’m not talking about Shah Rukh Khan, but the new King Khan, Aamir Khan. It’s always been said that Amitabh Bachan remains the last superstar of Bollywood, and whether there was anyone else left worthy of such stature. I would have thought Shah Rukh Khan comes close indeed, but in my eyes, no one is more worthy than the man himself, Aamir Khan.

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3 Idiots (2009)

3 Idiots
Courtesy of Vinod Chopra Films (…with thanks to www.filmicafe.com)

Aamir khan has once again outdone himself with his latest movie, 3 Idiots. If this movie does not get all your emotions ticking, then I don’t know what will. I found myself laughing, smiling, crying, and also had that feel good factor inside me; this is all thanks to 3 Idiots.

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