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When Halloween is at your doorstep and the dust of the creepy-night is slowly settling in your house, it is time you think about what you are going to do on All Hallows’ eve. It may seem a clever idea to dress up in costumes and wear masks, but this technique although prevalent, is mostly ancient nowadays. If you want to attend a spooky event or you want to finish a scary make-up to go with the costume, face painting will surely create goosebumps on all the people that notices you. You don’t have to be a professional in applying Halloween face paint make-up for your kids and other members of the family, you just need paint and paint brushes and a thorough read of our step-by-step guide to scare the bejesus out of someone.

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Frankenstein’s Monster:

Phase l

  1. Apply a light green color all over the face except the lips by using a proper sponge.
  2. To add a touch of authenticity and contrast in the shade of the face, apply darker green color on the outline of the face.

Phase 2

  1. To merge black color successfully with the green one, apply black paint on the outline of the face down to the chin and carefully add a touch of subtlety by lightly brushing the paint upwards in the green area.
  2. To add a raw look, draw a black scar from corner to corner of the forehead and the cheeks using a straight stroke with both thin and thick brushes. Also make a monster eyebrows using a paintbrush to create that single eyebrow look.

Phase 3

  1. To create the perfect shade between the eyes, use a lighter touch of black on the nose lines and gently swerve them on the cheekbones and sway the brush gently across the cheekbones multiple times.
  2. Next is to create those famous torn lips, you should apply black paint on the lips and draw them straight to the ear, this will create the effect of a torn lip. If you want to add an intensity of carcasses and bloods, use fake blood if you have or if you don’t apply red paint on the black lines to create the bloody façade.

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The Scary Skeleton:

Phase 1

  1. White color as the base of the paint, apply it across the face with a sponge.
  2. Lightly apply a touch of black color on the cheekbones, forehead and nose to to create that shade of a skeleton. Use your fingers to apply a dense color of black on the tip of the cheekbones and rub them outwards.

Phase 2

  1. Outline dark circle around the eyes with a medium sized paintbrush to effectively create the space for the holes.
  2. To create the holes in the eyes, use the darkest touch of black because this will create the wide contrast of your eyes compared to the dull white.

Phase 3

  1. With a paintbrush, carefully smudge the side of the nose with black colors for the skeleton nose.
  2. Same as Frankenstein, paint the lips black and stretch them to the ears but with a short vertical line for a scary look.
  3. With a thin brush, gently create a crack on the forehead or any part of the face by slightly using deep black color to separate cracks.

With these two methods of face painting, a superb Halloween appearance, you’ll be able to follow the procedures for all the different types of faces you have in your mind. Vampire, Ghoulish, witch or even fairies, you have all the step-by-step orientation for a chilling Halloween attire. But if you really want exceptional facial makeups, you should consult professionals who are well-versed about this field of facial make-up.

Author Bio: Mike Johnson works as a consultant at Europeanbodyart Firm in California. Mike has 7+ years of experience in this field and loves to share his knowledge by writing for popular blogs to help people learn something new.

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