Worst Dressed Oscar Nominees Of All Time

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As the Oscar Nominees have just gone by (24th Feb, 2013) and we get to part take in our favourite hobby: celebrity bashing! Of course, much attention has now been devoted to scan the outfits of the most talked celebrities! The braver of the bunch turned up in wild and whacky outfits, whilst the more traditional beauties kept things simple. Either way, also in the past years’ outfits there is been lost of material to talk about, let’s have a look at some of the worst outfits in the history of Oscar Nominees!

Sherri Shepherd, 2012

Sherri stood out like a sore thumb at last year’s Oscars – a big blue, bruised thumb, with glitter on top. Perhaps next time she’ll remember the age old adage: less is more!

Cher, 1986

We think Cher looked great in her animalistic, spider outfit, but the other celebrities sitting behind her thought it was awful! This may still be one of the most talked about outfits, but unfortunately for Cher, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Whoopi Goldberg, 1993

This is one of those outfits that looked good on paper, it even looked good on the hanger, but when Whoopi tried it on……blurrchhh!

Shailene Woodley, 2012

It’s not that Shailene looked bad in this dress; it’s just that she didn’t look great. And with a body to die for and her striking features, she really should have looked great. Next time let’s hope she dresses in something a little more flattering, something that doesn’t add 10 years to appearance.

Bjork, 2001

Bjork has more weird outfits and style ideas than Lady Gaga could ever dream of. You could say quirky, when talking about Bjork’s outfits, you could even say crazy, but it’s unlikely you would ever say beautiful – would you?

These are just some of the bad choices regarding outfits made by celebrities, and we like them, because they make us smile! Let us know what you think! Who do you think this year had the worst outfit at the Oscar Nominees of this year 2013?

Author Bio: Sara is a fashion blogger for Passion for Fashion in the fashion industry, where you can browse and shop for clothes online. When she isn’t writing about her favourite shopping streets you’ll find her painting or making her own fashion accessories.

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