Prettiest Of The Saturdays

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THE SATURDAYS are creating spark with everything they do, whether it is their fine singing, trendy and sexy outfits, beautiful hair, well toned figures, great endorsement deals or who is dating who! However, in the middle of all this chaos  there is one never-ending debate which is who is the prettiest of all the Saturdays?  Of course, everyone has their own individual favourite for their own reasons and the order of my personal favourite has been illustrated:

FRANKIE SANDFORD often finds herself on most glamorous polls which is not surprising as she is absolutely beautiful with a fresh face, radiant complexion and curvy and toned figure.  Personally, she is the most beautiful of all the Saturdays, as I love her bob haircut, smoky eyes makeup, toned body and elegantly sexy fashion sense.

ROCHELLE WISEMAN is stunningly beautiful with a complimentary 5ft 8 height.  She pulls off any outfit with confidence and she chooses the right outfit structure to ensure her curves are showcased well.

UNA HEALY is 28 years old which makes her the oldest member of the Saturdays and it is said that fashion sense comes with time; hence, this explains Una’s fine fashion sense.  Her figure is stunning as it is slim yet toned and her features are striking!

MOLLIE KING is beautiful but I think she needs to add a little more weight so she can carry off dresses more better.  Other than that, she is stunning with good fashion sense and nice smile.

VANESSA WHITE is pretty and petite however I think she needs do a little more work with her fashion sense as she doesn’t seem to get it quite right always.  She has a very nicely toned body yet she doesn’t capture her curves with her right outfits which makes her look healthier.  However, she is beautiful with bold features.

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  • lisa

    I think mollie is the prettiest, shes lovely xxx

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