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Miley Cyrus achieved fame from Disney’s Hannah Montana show, which was highly popular amongst teen girls due to the fresh concept and humour.  Teens adored Miley’s role in the popular show so they bought blonde wigs and Hannah Montana clothes to look like their favourite celebrity.

Of course, it was really cute seeing youngsters in blonde wigs, sparkling outfits and microphones trying to resemble their icon.  However, Miley Cyrus left her hit TV show earlier this year which disappointed and saddened millions of fans across the world and since then, the fans have seen a completely new Miley Cyrus who seems to be desperate to leave behind her sweet, innocent and young Hannah Montana image

Miley performed her new song ‘Can’t be tamed’ at Britain’s Got Talent 2010 in revealing fishnet tights, high heels and leather gloves.

Cyrus dressed in mini shorts and cropped t-shirt covered with black leather jacket for a gig in Paris.

The 17 year old performs in a sexy black dress with revealing cuts:

She performs in a swimsuit type outfit showcasing her toned legs.

Miley has not only changed her image on stage but she has also transformed her personal wardrobe with mini shorts, vests, cropped tops and skirts.

The new image of Cyrus has caused fury of parents who believe that she is dressing inappropriately for her age which misleads young girls.  However, it must be understood that she is 17 years old so there is nothing wrong with dressing sexy and stunningly.  She has transformed her image only after leaving Disney so fans must let go of the expectations of seeing Miley as Hannah Montana now.  During her Disney days, she was a style icon for young girls and with her new image, she is a style icon for young women who adore her fashion sense and confidence to wear raunchy, sexy and trendy outfits on and off stage!

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