Michael Jackson’s Legacy Continues…

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The only truth about Michael Jackson’s death is that he left us on 25th June 2009 physically, however his music, soul and charisma still remains within us and it can never die out. It has been reported that the Legendary singer kept a secret library of over hundred songs which he recorded for his three children, Prince aged 12, Paris Katherine aged 11 and Prince Michael II aged 7. The World waits for the Icon’s songs to release officially; since it is said that you should save your best for the end and we all have heard the singer’s great music over the years and we are eager to hear more of his best compositions.

Personally, my favourite songs of Michael Jackson are Earth and Billie Jean and although they are over a decade old, their appeal and addiction do not fade away. The song Billie Jean is set as my alarm clock ringtone as its dynamic music brings such liveliness into you, which makes you to want to get out of bed and approach the day with great energy and spirit. Of course, without any doubt, the Earth song is one of the favourites of everyone as its immense meaning touches your heart and awakens your mind to think about the World, re-consider our actions and determination to do better to make this World a better place. To bring out some lines from the song would be, ‘What have we done to the world, Look what we’ve done, what about all the peace… What about all the dreams, that you said was yours and mine… Did you ever stop to notice, All the children dead from war, Did you ever stop to notice, The crying Earth the weeping shores…’ The lyrics of Earth embrace immense meanings, power and values which are difficult, if not impossible, to impress in words.

Factually, Michael Jackson’s death caused the sales of his previous music to soar, as his Thriller and Number One albums climbed to the top of the iTunes chart in America and UK and most music stations like MTV, Kiss, Smashits and many more dedicated up to 48 hours to only play Michael Jackson’s hit songs. However, it is unimaginable to think what will happen when the singer’s latest songs will release; it was an explosion worldwide for certain but to what extent, we will have to wait and see…

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