Cheryl Cole: ‘Don’t play the victim ’cause the blames on you’

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Reportedly, Singer Cheryl Cole’s three and half year marriage has arrived to its end. The official announcement was made by the Singer’s spokesman who stated ‘Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole’.  Recent facts declaring that Ashley Cole’s five affairs have forced Cheryl Cole to make the tough decision; it may be a hard decision but it is certainly the correct decision.

Ashley Cole’s infidelities were exposed this month when it was learnt that nude pictures of the footballer were sent to model Sonia Wild’s phone in June 2009. Ashley tried to clarify his actions by saying that he passed his phone to his friend without deleting the pictures and his friend must have forwarded the nude pictures to the topless model. Yet, Vicki Gough who allegedly slept with Ashley too, reports that he sent her similar messages and hundreds of texts last year from same phone.

Plus, it has been learnt that Vicki Gough aged 30 allegedly slept with Ashley Cole for two nights in Lincolnshire hotels in Birmingham in late 2008. Vicki works for the Liverpool Football Club and if her affair with the Footballer is proven then Vicki will have to leave her job, since the alleged affair will cause a negative impact of the club.

Also, Ashley has slept twice with U.S Political Aide Ann Corbitt in July 2009 when Chelsea Football Club was on a pre-season tour and Alexandra Taylor has also claimed to have slept with Cole on the night he went public with Cheryl in late 2004.

Cheryl Cole’s song “Didn’t I” relates well to the situation… Don’t make me justify your every move, Don’t want to have to question everything you do, Don’t play the victim cause the blames on you, I just need time to deal what you put me through. It is almost as if the she knew such a situation will come to support the words of her song.

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  • Suveena

    It’s about time Cheryl left Ashley and moved on… she should have done this last year!

  • Jessica

    Cheryl Cole is gorgeous and talented that she will find someone alot better than pathetic Ashley Cole!

  • Melisha

    Wonder whos she going to be with next? Any suggestions?…

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