Zombieland (2009)

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Well, who would have thought there were rules to survive a zombie plague on Earth? Yes, you’ve guessed it, rules do exist. This movie is seen through the eyes of its main character Colombus (Jesse Eisenberg), who is the geeky hero of this movie and his self survival guide to not getting eaten by the living dead. Zombieland is humorous in the “Shaun of the Dead” mould, but where it differs is that the zombies are a lot more vicious and they run, yes, they run. This is where Rule No.1 comes in. I’ll leave it to you to watch it and find out how relevant the rules are, both in the commonsensical and comical ways.

It’s not long before Columbus’s’ path crosses with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), the no-nonsense, cool-as-ice action hero. He has 2 missions in his life, to rid the world of as many zombies as possible, and secondly, to find what could possibly be the last remaining Twinkie (a yellow sponge cake with a cream filling). Both characters are miles apart but it is in Columbus’s best interest to stick with Tallahassee. It seems the two characters were made for both Jesse and Woody, as they play the characters perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed these 2 characters, as one provides the comical aspect, while the other is an all out action man, although neither character over-powers the other, both compliment each other perfectly.

No Hollywood film would be complete without some romance thrown in. In comes Wichita (Emma Stone) and her younger sister Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), a pair of con artists, whose only aim is to get to an Amusement Park in California in the knowledge that its zombie free. As you guessed it, Colombus and Tallahassee end up being the victims to these 2 con artists and have there car and weapons taken off them, in their quest to get to the Amusement Park. The chemistry between Columbus and Wichita is a gradual one, and I for one am glad the romance part of the movie was not too exaggerated. The roles of Wichita and Little Rock provided a good balance to the roles of Columbus and Tallahassee. I was happy to see the female characters given some zombie ass-kicking roles rather than some constant screaming girls like you do in many horror movies.

There’s a nice little cameo from Bill Murray, who plays himself, and with make-up, made himself to look like a zombie so he can “fit” in.

The climax of the movie happens at the Amusement Park as the girls reach there, and the switch the rides on, lights and everything, little realising there actions have alerted all the zombies in the distance, who sure enough make their way to the Park.

I will leave the rest for you all to find out for yourself as to what happens next.

Overall I thought this was a well made movie, one I thoroughly enjoyed watching as I’m a big zombie-movie fan, and I would probably rate this movie 8/10.

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