Wake Up Sid (2009)

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Wake Up Sid
Courtesy of Dharma Productions (…with thanks to www.filmicafe.com)

Wake Up Sid is a romantic movie starring Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma. It is a movie about Love, Friendship, Respect and finding ones own path in life. Ranbir Kapoor plays Sid Mehra, a young carefree student, whose passion in life is to have fun and spend his fathers’ money. Sid spends a lot of his time partying with his friends in the clubs of Mumbai, with little regard for his education. Sid’s father is wealthy businessman Ram Mehra (Anupam Kher), who tries in vain to get Sid to work in his company, but Sid doesn’t want to be tied down by some boring 9-5 job and barely lasts a day in his dads company.

While out partying, Sid strikes up a conversation with Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma). It transpires that Aisha has just moved to Mumbai and it’s her first night in Mumbai, and Sid is her first friend here. Bring her first friend; he agrees to show her around Mumbai. Aisha is the complete opposite character of Sid; she is older and wiser as well as being a strong independent person, whereas Sid is the arrogant childish person who refuses to grow up and would rather spend his fathers’ money and party, while Aisha would prefer to earn her own money. Since Aisha is new to the city, he helps her to find an apartment, and eventually they find a run down apartment, which she transforms into a cosy place to live with her feminine touch.

Having spent too much time partying and not enough time studying, Sid fails his exams, and all his friends pass their exams, Sid falls out with all his friends. Sid failing his exams also leads to a major dispute at home, where his father has had enough of his carefree lifestyle, and requests that he leaves the house, and Sid does.

With nowhere to go, he asks Aisha if he can stay at her apartment, and she agrees to let him stay. At first, it becomes evident how casual his lifestyle is, as she learns that he can’t even cook and on many occasions leaves the apartment in a messy state. However, Sid is slowly starting to fall in love with Aisha, but realises it’s one sided as she sees him to be an immature person. He soon realises that, like Aisha, he too needs his own goals in life, so he sets out looking for a job. He lands a photography internship at the magazine company Aisha works at. As he starts working, he realises the meaning of Friendship and Respect, and with his new found maturity he reconciles with his friends. He learns how to cook and clean, and Aisha is very impressed with how Sid has transformed himself. He takes his first salary to his father, to show him that he can stick to a job, and naturally his father feels very proud of his son, they put an end to their differences, and Sid agrees to move back home.

Sid goes back the apartment to gather his belongings, and to tell Aisha that he has made up with his family, and is moving back home. Aisha is upset that Sid is leaving, and Sid doesn’t hesitate in leaving as he thinks Aisha has no romantic feelings for him. After Sid has left, Aisha soon realises that she does indeed love Sid, and this becomes the topic of her articles in the next edition of her magazine column. On reading the article, Sid becomes really happy, and goes to meet Aisha at the beach, as they tell each other how much they love one another.

If you like your romantic films then I’m quite sure you will like this movie, but let me remind you that this movie is a slow burning romantic film, it’s not in the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai mould, as this movie isn’t all too mushy, it’s more of a love story that develops from friendship.

For me, Ranbir Kapoor is starting to slowly grow on me as an actor, and Konkona Sen Sharma played the part of Aisha really well, and as far as romantic films go, this isn’t the best but it certainly is likeable and watchable.

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