Veer (2010)

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Veer has been one of the most awaited movies of 2010 with its breathtaking commercials, fascinating genre, and to witness the powerful performance of Salman Khan and debutant of the beautiful Zarine Khan.  Unfortunately, the entire wait for Veer has been pointless as the film fails to offer the expected charisma in many ways.

At first, the story of the film lacks originality as it actually is the mixture of many films such as Taras Bulba, Gladiator, Conan the Barbarian, Troy, Titanic as well as Kranti.  Keeping in mind the long list of films, which influenced the story of Veer, it is shocking to know that Veer still failed to deliver, although it used the best ingredients from Hollywood and Bollywood film industry to pull off Veer!

Veer is about a fight of a Warrior and his love story too, yet both the sides of the story fail to neither evoke devotion for your Country nor feel the love of Veer (Salman Khan) and Yashodhara (Zarine Khan).

The story portrays how the British bind Indian with their devious “Divide and Rule” policy and the Nawabs are tricked into their astute policies so they entrust their Kingdom to the British regime.  However, the Pindaris strongly oppose their precious land being entrusted to British and they vow to fight to the end in order to save their pride, the Kingdom.

Veer (Salman Khan) is the toughest of the Pindaris who takes on the might of the British Empire, the manipulative King of Madavgarh (Jackie Shroff) and his own jealous tribesmen.  All these battles force Veer to stake his love for Princess Yashodhara (Zarine Khan) on the line, who is the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Unfortunately, Veer is a huge disappointment which is hard to digest as it was thought to have it all- from the best stars, best sets, best music, and best action scenes.  But, it has no soul and an appalling script.  Although, it can be argued that the movie commences very well, however, the moment it moves to London the film does not head in the right direction at all!

On the other hand, there are few positive aspects of Veer which is the melodious music and background score which are superior. Plus, the action scenes are very powerful and portrayed efficiently and the production design performs very well by giving a genuinely realistic feel of the past era.

Additionally, the performance of Salman Khan is very good but Zarine Khan fails to deliver the same charisma as her appearance, as she performs with one expression throughout the film.  Hence, the chemistry between Salman Khan and Zarine Khan is quite poor.

On the whole, Veer failed to fulfil its high expectations however the powerful stardom of Salman Khan and breathtaking promos will attract many fans but will only lead to disappointing them and nothing else!

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