Toy Story 3 (2010)

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Now I have to be totally honest, and say that I have not seen the previous 2 films of Toy Story. Toy Story 3 came with a lot of hype so I just had to see it, as it’s proving to be one of the big films of the year.

I have nothing against animations, as year on year they seem to be getting better and better, but whether Toy Story has that wow factor i’m not sure yet.

Characters/ Actors

The Toy Story team are back for this third instalment. Woody, Buzz Lightyear and company are back for another adventure. The casting team for the voice-overs is pretty impressive which include the likes of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack and many more.

If you’ve ever wondered how Ken and Barbie met, then Toy Story 3 will answer all your questions.


The plot once again revolved around Andy and his toys, time has moved on and Andy is now a teenager and about to go to college. He has no need for his toys now, as they get sold or moved on but decides to keep Woody (Tom Hanks). The others toys are bagged up to be stored in the attic, but due to some confusion they end up outside for the refuse collectors. Feeling unwanted, the toys escape the bag and hide in the box which is to be donated to the Sunnyside Daycare centre. They feel as if Andy and Woody no longer want them as they all go to Sunnyside together.

Toy Story 3 Scene
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Woody still feels that the rest of the toys really should be with Andy, but the others don’t listen to what he has to say, so he leaves Sunnyside to be with Andy. Buzz (Tim Allen) and the rest are wowed by all the new toys at the Daycare centre and by the leader Lotso (Ned Beatty). What is paradise soon turns into a nightmare for Buzz and his friends.

However, Woody on his escape from Sunnyside ends up at the house of a little girl Bonnie. There, Woody befriends some of Bonnie’s toys, and here he finds out the harsh truth about Sunnyside Daycare.

So now its upto Woody to save his friends, but what about Andy, will Woody be able to live without Andy?


As mentioned above, I had not seen the previous two instalments of Toy Story, and I believe for that reason I wasn’t overly wowed by this movie. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, it is quite watchable, but how it’s proving to be such a success I do not know. I can only assume a lot of people can relate to the scenario of finally having to part with your favourite toys. If there was ever a sequel made, Toy Story 3 has not really made me want more of Woody and his friends adventure.

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