Top 8 Horror Films of 2013

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World War Z Poster
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There’s something about horror films that keeps making us go back to watch them even when they scare the daylights out of us, well most of us anyways and a huge kudos to those that can get through such experiences.

Personally speaking, they scare me a hell of a lot and spend many sleepless nights thinking about what I’ve just watched. I guess I just have an overactive imagination.

Anyways, 2013 looks like it could be a good year for horror films, so here is my list of what I believe will be the Top Horror films of 2013.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies follows R, an unusual zombie who has a penchant for human brains so that he may “feel alive”. Something inside him changes when he first lays his eyes on Julie, and instead of wanting to eat her, he feels the need to protect her.

For my full movie review click here: Warm Bodies (2013)


Mama is a story of a mother’s love and the extents to which that love extends to. A father reaches an abandoned cabin with his children – Victoria and Lilly – with the intention of killing them, only for him to be killed by a shadowy figure. For 5 years this figure continues to look after Victoria and Lilly, until their uncle discovers them and brings them back home.

mama scene
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However, “Mama” as the girls call them, will not leave their side quickly as Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel soon discover. They soon discover that “Mama” is more than a figment of the girls’ imagination as they have a fight on their hands to prise the girls away from the clutches of “Mama”.

Personally, I really enjoyed this movie, had the right amount of jumps and equal amounts in action and the movie kicked off pretty quickly.

I, Frankenstein

Not a lot is known in terms of the storyline apart from the fact that Frankenstein’s monster has survived to the present day and is now caught in the middle of an age old war between two immortal clans. The film stars Aaron Eckhart as Frankenstein’s Monster.

This will be a good watch for those who are fans of the Underworld movies. I can’t wait for this to come out, scheduled for release in September.

World War Z

A zombie pandemic has hit nations all over the world, and United Nations employee Gerry Lane takes it upon himself to find a way to stop the zombie outbreak.

With a budget exceeding $125m, and a top lead in Brad Pitt, this is sure to be one of THE films to look out for in 2013. Expect to see it hit the screens in June.

Evil Dead

Five friends end up at a remote cabin in the woods. There, they discover the Book of the Dead, and they unwittingly summon up demons in the woods. Each are possessed one by one until only one is left to fight the evil.

Evil Dead
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The movie poster bills this as “the most terrifying film you will ever experience”. Normally I don’t read too much into such statements but this time round I think it might just be true. Sam Raimi who produces this remake of his cult classic of the same name promises plenty of gore and horror.

Dark Skies

Life becomes a living nightmare for the Barrett family as an unknown presence targets their young children as they’re visited on a nightly basis. Strange events start to occur and it’s not long before they realise that these events could be as a result of visits from otherworldly beings. It becomes a fight for survival as the Barrett family must prevent the aliens from taking their children.

Not really had the chance to see this but from what I’ve seen of the trailer, I expect it to have plenty of nervy moments during the film.

Insiduous: Chapter 2

Very little is known of the plot as the movie is still in production, but Insiduous 2 is a continuation of the fate of the Lambert family as they struggle to keep demonic forces at bay.

Insiduous 2
Image courtesy of Screenrant

With most of the cast and crew back for the sequel, I expect Insiduous Chapter 2 to be just as successful as the first one. Expect it to be released around September.

The Conjuring

A family hire world famous paranormal investigators to check out their farmyard after realising that they may not be alone in their own home. The paranormal activity becomes more frequent and more violent as the investigators have the fight of their lives to rid the family of this evil.

If there’s one thing that scares me then it’s movies about ghosts, so I expect this to be a very jumpy affair, I expect this everything that Paranormal Activity tries to be.


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